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Welcome to EllySchobeldressage.com! Elly Schobel is German-born, trained Bereiter FN, Grand Prix dressage trainer, rider, and coach. She is based out of Aiken, SC at her farm, The Homestedt, with horses ranging from adorable rescue mini horses to her retired Grand Prix stallion, Oyentè with everything in between. Elly also resides with her many dogs and some farm cats that keep the rodent population to zero!
She has successfully trained numerous horses from green to Grand Prix and is now becoming active in the eventing circuit with her homebred pony 'The Guardyan'. We have lots of horses for sale from eventing prospects to upper-level dressage prospects so keep checking back at our sales list because we might have the horse you are looking for!
Elly is very active coaching and judging at shows. If you would like a lesson, send her a message or text her.

About Elly

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Its been some time since I've updated!

Firstly, I'd like to announce that my filly Inattendu was sold to Elli Niezen! Congratulations and I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two superstars!
My future superstar, Tempest WT, has been started under saddle and now I will be taking over the reins. Huge shout out to Laura Abner who has done an outstanding job starting this young colt. THANK YOU!!
This is Laura Abner and her ubertalented 5 year old Califa.




"Since meeting and working with Elly in 2014 my riding skills have improved second to none. She is a passionate and dedicated trainer with an eye I have never seen before. With no detail left unturned she has helped me greater my horse training skills, both at home and in the show ring. I can rely on her advice with any kind of horse that crosses my path as she has the ability of building confidence in any horse and rider combination. I don’t know where I would be today without Elly’s great help and advice."

Jennifer Roberts, horse trainer
"Elly Schobel has boarded and trained our Andalusian for the past 12 years. She was not sure about him because she had always trained Warmbloods. It did not take long for them to form a lasting bond. Elly is the type of person to whom you would trust your child. Her care and passion are sincere. Oyente always knew what Elly wanted. There was no force or negative training. He could read her German no nonsense demeanor and act accordingly."

Beckie Butler, Oye's owner
"My business relationship and ensuing friendship with Elly began in 2000 when I called her about finding a young horse for a client.  This transaction was the first of so many seamless exchanges with Elly.  Through her numerous contacts in Europe she found me an outstanding three year old.  She instilled so much confidence and trust in me that we bought the youngster off the video and were thrilled with our purchase.  A few years later I had the great fortune of leasing Elly’s very own “Raison d’ Etre” for a FEI Junior of mine. Leasing this spectacular mount was a creative idea hatched by Elly who is always thinking about how to match good horses with talented and deserving riders and trainers. To speak to Elly’s horsemanship, this horse arrived with an “owner’s manual” that would rival the one for the space shuttle.  Due to Elly’s impeccable care and training, riding this horse was everything that dressage should be-it was like truly dancing.  Every question that you asked had been asked and answered correctly so many times in his history that he was the best kind of schoolmaster for a junior.  After years of mutual trust, I got the call from Elly “I have a friend who has a colt for sale.  I have a feeling he needs to be yours.”  What did I do? I bought the colt sight unseen on Elly’s recommendation and then decided to let him grow up on her farm.  I knew that Elly was the only person that I would trust to raise my colt with the right measure of love and discipline.  Four years later it is time to back him and start what I hope will be an illustrious career in the Dressage ring.  Through all these years of exchanges I have always been able to count on Elly’s honesty.  She is an instinctual horsewoman with so much knowledge to share but she is not going to sugar coat it.  She prepares her riders and horses by being clear, consistent and honest to the values of good riding and training."

Jane Arrasmith