Tempest WT

Danish Warmblood colt

    Yes, he was expensive and worth every penny. I honestly had no idea how I was going to pay for him, but my gut told me, that if I didn’t, I would regret it for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I am surrounded by the most supportive friends and horse owners who formed a group/syndicate and purchased Timmy (I am and will always be the majority owner)
    Only time will tell how far Timmy and I will progress in our sport, but one thing’s for sure, he will benefit from 40+ years I have spent training and competing other horses and that Gee, the Wonder Pony will be his personal body guard.
It’s easy to say 2015 wasn’t my favorite year as my beloved Oyente’ required career ending surgery which was only made possible by two of the most dedicated horse owners I have ever met, Harry and Becky Butler.  We decided to bring Oyente’ to the top Equine Hospital in the Nation, Rood and Riddle in Lexington, KY for the surgery and the Butlers asked me, to stay there with our boy. The day after surgery I was sitting in my hotel room, having a BAD day when I came across an ad on Facebook about a bright chestnut Danish Warmblood colt with lots of chrome, by the stallion Temptation (I had bred my 2007 USDF Horse of the Year mare Dame d’Allemagne to Temptation, but sadly it did not work)
I then read and re-read the ad, but put it aside because:

1. I am not crazy about chestnuts (even though most of my most successful horses have been chestnuts)
2. Chrome (horse with loud markings do stand out in the crowd, but few are spectacular AND colorful and those are usually extremely rare/expensive)
3. Weanlings (I am not getting any younger and waiting 3 years just to sit on a horse is a long time)
4. Price (this was no inexpensive foal)

    However, over the next 24 hours I kept coming back to the ad and after consulting with a few trusted friends and my eventing coach, Kate Brown, I decided to take a detour through Georgia on my weekly trip from Kentucky to South Carolina and “see for myself” that this colt was something. Kathy Sweat Schultz of Wishing Tree Farm in Danielsville, GA bred the colt named Tempest WT. She recalls my arrival at the farm, as well as my first few words to her…..”I don’t want that colt, he has to convince me, that he should be mine!” (at times, it’s embarrassing being an overly truthful German)

I had compiled a list of requirements, with scores attached: ALL scores had to be above 8 (out of a possible 10)
Type/ conformation – he could not have been any more modern with long straight legs, neck well set, excellent hip, gorgeous head – 8.5
Walk – 9 – no question about it
Trot – I really didn’t care because all I wanted to see was his canter although, his trot was an easy 8
Canter – OH MY GOODNESS – I started drooling and according to Kathy, it took the grand total of 5 minutes for me to say, “Let’s talk!”

Career Highlights

  • Being the sexiest baby on the planet.
  1. Laura Abner - rider
  2. Laura Abner - rider
  3. Laura Abner - rider
  4. Managing Director