Meet the Team

Without the help of these amazing individuals, this operation could not happen.  A special thanks go out to each and everyone for all they do and how much time and energy they spend making my life a little less stressful!!



Farm Sitters

Huge thank you for all the time and energy in keeping the horses sound and healthy!

Each one of them has provided outstanding services over the years. 
Without great shoeing the horses could not perform as well as they have!

  • Ryan Wicker
  • Travis
  • Stephanie Dyches
Without their help Elly would never be able to leave the farm!

  • Stephanie Dyches
  • Kelly Pacceco

Harry and Beckie Butler

Peggy Blosser

Mollie Zobel

Oyente's Owners

They have become the most loyal supporters of Elly's long career and their support is deeply appreciated.
She has been so supportive throughout the years.

Many, many thanks!
She has been an amazing coach, student, rider, and friend along the way. She has backed Elly's young horses and now co-owns De Luetje MF "Nini" and Raison de Croire "Nubsi" along with Elly. 

Kate Brown

Robyn Ford

Megan Martin

She has been a great coach and friend who has gone above and beyond to help with Elly's horses and getting them ready for sale. Visit her site at
She has created and managed Elly's website for two years and been a friend for much longer.
She has been riding and competing Elly's sale horses and has been an incredible asset to this team.
De Luetje MF

Kate Brown and Mojito

Mollie Zobel and Nini

Megan Martin and Victory